Leading Edge ~ Trauma Release Therapy                    -               Madison, WI

Counseling & Psychotherapy 

     60 - 75 mins.   $ 195.00 

     Questions or concerns?  I am happy to discuss. 

Payments Accepted: 

     Cash, Credit & Debit Cards, HSA Cards & Checks.  
     Payment is due at the time of each Session. 

Special Payment:

      Only if prior agreement with Patti Bee to pay online.

 One Session:  $ 195


Unable to accept checks that are out of town, out of state, or from outside of the United States. 


Fees for Psychic Development Classes & Readings, please visit: Madison Psychic Institute 

SHIP is Student Health Insurance Plan and is offered to UW Students and also to MATC students. This is an insurance plan that I am able to accept for payment.  UW SHIP is accepted here.